Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Tampa Airport Parking Process

Are you a little leery about trying A1 Express Airport Parking for the first time because you aren't sure what to expect? Booked your reservation but afraid that the commute from our facility to the airport will cause you to be late for your flight? Banish your airport parking worries and leave your car and your travel vacation in our capable hands. Still unsure? Here are a just a few benefits that you will receive when you use our Tampa Airport parking service:

  • Expect a cheaper price! When you park at Tampa International Airport, you will pay high daily parking fees. At A1 Express, we charge you a much more reasonable parking price. Check on our coupons and discounts page for even cheaper parking options!
  • Don't worry about the time! Guess what? It only takes us 15 minutes to check you in and shuttle you to the airport! Say what?! If you self-park at Tampa International Airport you will have to deal with finding a spot and then finding transportation to bring you to the airport and/or walking great distances.
  • Your own personal chauffeur! When you park with us, our friendly staff will personally chauffeur you from the door of your car to your terminal entrance. How cool is that? They will even load and unload your bags for you, for free! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and catch up on work or social media.
  • You have options! Sure, you have options other places too, but how often do you get the opportunity to valet park your car for an affordable price? Thought so!
  • Auto Detail Services. Where else can you park your car for your flight out of Tampa International Airport and receive a whole host of additional services for just a small fee? From waxing to changing you oil, there are tons of ways we can pamper your car while you are away!
  • FREE online reservations. Gone are the days of endlessly driving in circles looking for a parking spot. With our free online reservation system, you are able to reserve your parking for free in advance. All you have to do is show up and let us do the rest! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Winter Car Care Tips

We can imagine it now: you are sitting on your computer or tablet and you are scoffing at this title. "We don't even get snow in Florida," you say! While this may be true, many people travel up north during the winter for work, family, pleasure etc. If you will be driving in the snow this winter, check out these five tips to keep your car in tip top shape:

  1. Clean the inside of your windshield with shaving cream. Seriously! Not only will shaving cream clean your window, it will aid in preventing fog and moisture buildup. The less you have to run the defroster, the better!
  2. Unfreeze your keys. Sticking your car keys into an almost certainly frozen car door lock will open the door to a whole bunch of potential problems! Keys may break or the lock may be too frozen to even turn! To remedy this, keep a lighter handy and warm your key before trying to insert it. In a pinch, hand sanitizer will help unfreeze as well.
  3. Cover your window. Scraping your windshield can be a hassle. Save yourself the trouble by purchasing old drop clothes, a rug, or any type of thick material and placing it over your windshield. When you are ready to leave, simply yank the cloth off your windshield and all of the pesky snow will come off too! 
  4. Stuck? Use cardboard! Weather your car is stuck in the slushy mud at home, work, or the grocery store, cardboard boxes should be nearby. Place a flattened cardboard box in front of your wheels and your car will make it to safety a lot easier.
  5. Face east. When possible, park your car facing an easterly direction. Since the sun rises from the east, you will have a little help from nature's heat in starting the unfreezing process on those cold winter mornings. 
Leave your car in the care of A1 Express as you head for the snowy tundra's of the north! We want to make your Tampa Airport Parking experience as hassle-free as possible!