Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Travel Tips

Even though you may live in Florida, you are still going to have to deal with weather and crowds when traveling home for the holidays. Whether you are traveling for a holiday cruise, exotic vacation, or flying home from Tampa International Airport for family festivities, it is important to remember that millions of other Americans are going to be doing the same exact thing this winter! In addition, it always seems that poor weather conditions show up around holiday travel time! What luck.

Don't let long car rides, cramped airplanes, invasive security, or bad weather get you down; You are going on a relaxing cruise or traveling to visit your beloved family back home! Regardless of your plans, you will be thankful for our winter holiday travel tips:

  1. Plan ahead and do your research. Driving to your destination? Research alternate travel routes ahead of time in case major traffic blocks the interstate. Depending on where you are driving from, you may be able to find some fun mini-destinations such as National Parks to visit on your way! Flying? Make sure you check your airlines baggage restrictions ahead of time to avoid stress on the day of your flight.
  2. Pack accordingly. Packing light during winter travel is always suggested. If you can get away with just a carry on, that would be even better! This way, you won't have to worry about your luggage getting lost in transit. If you do check your bags, make sure that you pack at least two pairs of extra clothes, your phone charger, and whatever necessities you may need in your carry on just in case. 
  3. Pack earplugs. Sure popping in headphones and listening to music is often a great way to zone out at a busy airport or loud car ride, but sometimes a person just needs silence! These little lifesavers can also ensure you get a few hours of shuteye before arriving at your destination.
  4. Reserve your parking in advance. Since you and millions of people will be traveling this winter season, it is important to reserve your A1 Express Airport parking in advance! Reserving ahead will often save you money, and certainly saves you the stress of searching for a spot last minute.
  5. Travel early or late in the day. Do you really want to beat the rush? Traveling during hours when most people want to be asleep can save you a whole lot of hassle since the roads will be less busy and the airports less crowded. 
  6. Eat well and stay hydrated. This may seem like a simple tip, but it is often overlooked, as travelers rush to pack the car, struggle to read the GPS or fight with TSA about their luggage. Drinking water and eating regularly timed meals and snacks will make you feel oh so much better when you arrive at your final destination. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Travel 2014

You won't even have to do this when you park with us!

According to the AAA, 2014 is going to be the busiest travel year since 2007, with over 46.3 million American's taking a trip for the Thanksgiving Holiday. WHAT?! In addition, air travel is also going to be up by at least 3.6 million people since 2007 as well, meaning more people are going to be looking for Tampa International Airport Parking. People are expected to spend an average of $575 on their travels this holiday season.

By parking your car with A1 Express, you will save money on your Tampa Airport Parking, so more of your $575 can be used doing the things that you want to do! In addition to offering cheap airport parking at TPA, A1 Express is proud to offer:
  • Free online reservations [save even more money and time by booking online]
  • Complementary shuttle service 
  • Short 5 minute ride to the airport [let us deal with TPA traffic while you relax]
  • Self and valet park options
  • Auto detailing upgrade options
  • Complementary luggage handling
  • Discounted prices!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Best and Worst Airports 2014

It is no secret that airport travel can be stressful! Thankfully, Tampa International Airport doesn't fall on the "worst airport" list! Make your free online reservation with A1 Express Airport Parking and see how stress-free travel can be! By comparing the percentage of positive and negative tweets about each airport, these are rankings, ordered from best to worst:

  1. Orlando International, Florida (MCO)
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah (SLC)
  3. Miami International, Florida (MIA)
  4. Minneapolis-St. Paul International, Minnesota (MSP)
  5. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas (DFW)
  6. San Francisco International, California (SFO)
  7. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County, Michigan (DTW)
  8. Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta, Georgia (ATL)
  9. Charlotte Douglas International, North Carolina (CLT)
  10. Los Angeles International, California (LAX)
  11. John F. Kennedy, New York, New York (JFK)
  12. Boston International, Massachusetts (BOS)
  13. Denver International, Colorado (DEN)
  14. Phoenix International, Arizona (PHX)
  15. Seattle-Tacoma International, Washington (SEA)
  16. Newark International, New Jersey (EWR)
  17. Chicago O'Hare, Illinois (ORD)
  18. LaGuardia, New York, New York (LGA)
  19. George Bush International, Houston, Texas (IAH)
  20. Philadelphia International, Pennsylvania (PHL)
  1. La Guardia International, New York (LGA)
  2. Los Angeles International, California (LAX)
  3. Honolulu International, Hawaii (HNL)
  4. Newark Liberty International, New Jersey (EWR)
  5. John F. Kennedy International, New York (JFK)
  6. Philadelphia International, Pennsylvania (PHL)
  7. Miami International, Florida (MIA)
  8. Cancun International, Mexico ()
  9. Las Vegas McCarran International, Nevada (LAS)
  10. Washington Dulles International, D.C. (IAD)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why Off-Airport Parking?

Doesn't it always seem like Tampa International Airport never seems to have enough parking spaces? The lots are always full, and the traffic is always heavy! Did you know that although off-airport parking is usually a brief drive from the airport, the lots are more manageable and you can reserve your parking online in advance to ensure that you have a spot! If you would like to reserve your A1 Express Airport Parking online, please visit our website! 

These off-site airport parking companies such as A1 Express are usually private family owned businesses. All things considered, they can usually offer you a better deal all around than on-site airport parking. By parking a few blocks away from the airport, you can save tons of money!

Unfortunately, drivers tend to avoid off-site parking companies, falsely assuming that it will take extra time to catch a shuttle to the airport. But have you ever been stuck in TPA airport traffic for what seems like forever? Why not just pay a little less and get to the airport faster?! That's right! Save money AND arrive at TPA stress free!  

You want to know what else? When parking with off-site parking companies, you almost never pay more than the airport! Indeed, off-site parking companies generally charge at least 25%-50% less than the local airport!

Unlike the airport where you are left to your own devices, off-airport parking services will help you with your luggage and give you a complementary shuttle ride where you can just sit back and relax. Some off-site parking companies even do minimal car maintenance while you are away!

These are just a few reasons why off-airport parking at A1 Express is beneficial! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Directions to Tampa International Airport

This could be you when you see TPA!

Trying to find directions to Tampa International Airport? We've got you covered!! Check out our comprehensive list of directions and we will direct you to A1 Express, and then to Tampa International Airport! A1 Express Airport Parking is located less than 5 minutes away from Tampa International Airport! Once you see our facility, TPA is right around the corner.  Please review our detailed driving directions below. If you have any questions, please call us and we will direct you to our facility! 

Directions from St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Bradenton:

From I 275 North, take the airport exit #39 follow signage for Tampa International Airport after taking Airport Exit, then take the Spruce Street exit on right. At first light turn right onto O'Brien Street. Take the first right into the Avion Park complex then follow signage to A-1 Express office.

OOPS!!! Took exit 39 for Kennedy Boulevard instead of Airport exit?
Go 2 lights to Kennedy take a left at the light get in right lane for Spruce Street exit. The first light on Spruce Street is O'Brien take a right. We are on the corner. Enter into the Avion Park complex and follow signage to A-1 Express office.

Directions from North Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland:

Take I-275 south to the Airport exit stay in right lane follow signage to Spruce Street exit, at first light turn right onto O’Brien then turn right into Avion Park follow signage to A-1 Express office.

Direction from Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Dunedin:

Take Hwy. 60, follow Airport exit stay in right lane follow signage to Spruce Street exit, at first light turn right onto O’Brien then turn right into Avion Park follow signage to A-1 Express office.

Directions from Veteran’s Expressway:

Take express all the way to the end follow the signs for Airport exit stay in right lane follow signage to Spruce Street exit, at first light turn right onto O’Brien then turn right into Avion Park follow signage to A-1 Express office.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tampa Airport Parking Coupons

Who doesn't love coupons?! We sure do! Coupons are a fantastic way to save money on everyday items such as groceries, household items, and yes, even airport parking! If you love coupons as much as we do and you want cheap Tampa Airport parking, then join our email list, add us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or keep up with our website! This way, you will be the first to know about our exclusive Tampa Airport Parking coupons! 

Here at A1 Express, we like to present special deals and Tampa Airport parking coupons to our online mailing list and social media followers first before posting to our website. Become a part of the A1 crowd or else you will miss out on these fantastic Tampa Airport parking deals! 

Check out a sneak peak of our most recent coupon:

Coupons are a great way to save money on Tampa Airport Parking, but they still won't save you a parking space! Luckily, we allow you to reserve your parking online ahead of time at our website! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tampa International Airport Questions

Check out all that A1 Express has to offer!

Here are some of the most popular questions we come across relating to our Tampa Airport Parking services: 

  • How Far from Tampa International Airport is A1 Express? We are located less than a mile away from Tampa International Parking. 
  • How long does it take to get to the airport form your parking lot? Less than five minutes!
  • Do I need a reservation? No! Tampa Airport Parking reservations are not required, but certainly recommended, especially for holiday travel. This way, you are able to reserve your spot ahead of time!
  • How do you calculate parking charges? Our parking rates are based on a 24 hour period beginning when you check in at our parking lot. We allow a 2 hour grace period from that time. Sales tax of 7% also applies.
  • How to I get back to your lot when I return from my trip? When you deplane and are on your way to pick up your luggage, please give us a call! A A1 Express shuttle should be there to pick you up in less than 15 minutes! 
  • How often do your shuttles run? Our shuttles depart from A1 Express on demand. If you arrive at our TPA parking facility and a shuttle is not available, one should be on the way and arriving within a few short minutes.
  • Do you offer an airline employee discount? Yes, airline employees with proper ID get a 50% discounted rate!

Did any of these Tampa Airport Parking answers help to answer your question? If not, please comment below or contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! As always, thank you for choosing A1 Express Airport Parking! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Where to eat near Tampa International Airport

Chances are that you will want to grab a quick bite to eat before dropping your car off with A1 Express on your way to Tampa International Airport. Why starve yourself and wait until you get to your terminal to grab some food when there so many restaurants to choose from outside of TPA? Check out some of our favorites:
The Cheesecake Factory Tampa ($$)

Located less than five minutes away from Tampa International Airport, and across from A1 Express Airport Parking, Tampa’ International Mall shopping and dining center has plenty of delicious restaurants for every budget. If you are really looking to fill up before your flight, Cheesecake Factory offers a large menu with many hearty options. If you have a late flight, try a large pasta dish and a salad. If you fly out early, Cheesecake Factory also offers breakfast and brunch options. No matter what time your TPA flight leaves, don’t forget to grab a piece of cheesecake!
Earl of Sandwich ($)

Also located in International Plaza’s “restaurant row,” Earl of Sandwich offers a lighter lunch fare. Choose form homemade sandwiches and delicious soups. They also offer smoothies as a healthy snack option. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the food is affordable. 

P.F. Changs ($)

Less than a two minute drive from A1Express, you will come across this delicious chain restaurant at Tampa’s Westshore Mall. After all, sometimes an affordable Asian inspired meal just hits the spot! 

Chipotle ($)

Located across the street form Westshore Mall, Chipotle offers a healthy grab n’ go option. Order a burrito or burrito bowl to go and eat it while you are waiting for your flight out of Tampa International Airport. The company prides itself by using all non-GMO ingredients and locally sourcing some fresh items.

 No matter what time you decide to grab food, make sure that you arrive at A1 Express at least two hours before your flight out of TPA. Make your complementary online reservation with us today and save!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Tampa

 Sometimes, being a vegetarian or vegan can be tough because there are hardly any options for you to choose from when dining out. This is not the case in Tampa! The Bay Area offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options for those of you who choose a plant-based diet. Vegan friendly food doesn’t have to be hard to locate! Read on to see some of our favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Tampa:

Loving Hut Tampa

Vegans rejoice! Loving Hut serves all vegan food, including dessert! Although the restaurant serves primarily Asian inspired dishes, they also sell fan favorites such as “Ocean Pasta” and vegan club sandwiches. Finish off lunch or dinner with a delicious dessert and stop by their small grocery section to pick up food for later on your way out.

Jai Ho

Although not technically vegan/vegetarian, Jai Ho features a huge veggie friendly menu! The restaurant features Indian fine dining on a budget. The inside is beautiful and the prices are surprisingly moderate. If you aren’t feeling too adventurous, try the Navaratn Korma, which is basically veggies and rice cooked in Indian sauces. Want to step outside of the box? Order the Kofta Naramdil and feast on soft cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with dry fruits and cooked in mild herbs and spices.

Bamboozle Café

Who doesn’t love some good Chinese comfort food? Like Jai Ho, Bamboozle isn’t specifically vegetarian, but offers many delightful options for veggie clients. A huge bowl of Pho noodle soup with tofu and veggies rings in at only $8.95! The good thing about Bamboozle is that pretty much any meat menu item can be made vegan friendly with just a simple tofu substitute.

Taco Bus

This wouldn’t be a complete list of Tampa veggie friendly restaurants without at least a mention of Taco Bus! With multiple locations around the Tampa area, Taco Bus offers tons of yummy options for the vegan diner. Veggie burritos are moderately priced and can include vegan steak strips, tempeh, or simple rice and beans. For a small fee, Daiya vegan cheese can be added to orders as well. Vegan quesadillas anyone?

Café Hey

Café Hey is local owned and is a staple for vegan brunch in the Tampa Bay area. Their ABBA sandwich is made with almond butter, apricot jam, banana, and fresh cinnamon. Many of their soups are different every day so it pays to visit often! While you are using Café Hey’s free wifi, munch on a delicious chocolate muffin.

Please keep A1 Express Airport Parking in mind next time you fly out of Tampa Airport! Park with us, save big on Tampa Airport Parking, and spend that money on all the vegan goodies listed above! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ice Cream in Tampa

Summer is the perfect excuse to eat ice cream, especially if you live in Florida! Celebrate long nights and sunny days by eating everyone’s favorite summer treat! Sure, you could hit up the local grocery store for a pint, but this year, we are challenging you to think local! Here are some of our local Tampa Bay ice cream suggestions:

ü  Campbell’s Dairyland. This family-owned 50’s style ice cream shop just screams family fun! They offer a gigantic selection of ice cream and frozen dairy treats! There is literally something for everyone. In addition, they offer a large assortment of delicious fried foods, including fried veggies and tater tots. The outdoor play area is perfect for kids to run around while you enjoy ice cream in the shade.

ü  Twistee Treat. This little ice cream stand has multiple locations throughout the Tampa Bay area, and it is easy to see why. Twistee Treat offers drive through or walk-up service. Try their brownie sundae, it is to die for!

ü  Bo’s Ice Cream. Bo’s has been in the same location for almost sixty years! You won’t regret ordering an upside down banana split with all the toppings!

ü  Dairy Joy. Located in South Tampa, Dairy Joy only takes cash, but is much cheaper than other ice cream places in the area. Small hot fudge sundaes are just $2.50 and are quite large. Come for the ice cream, stay for the malts, shakes and floats!

Whether you are flying in or out of Tampa International Airport, there is always enough time to catch a sweet bite to eat before leaving your car with A1-Express Airport Parking!   

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Concerts in Tampa

Going to be flying into Tampa International Airport sometime this summer? Live in the Tampa Bay area and wondering what there is to do? Summer is the perfect time to attend concerts and shows and Tampa is no stranger to these events since the Bay Area boasts many appropriate venues. Whether you love country, pop, rock, or rap music, there is something for everyone this summer! A1 Express Airport Parking has compiled a list of shows and concerts going on around the Tampa Bay area this summer. 

Check out some of our favorites:
  • Nine-Inch-Nails Tampa! On August 11th, this 90’s industrial rock band will take the Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheater by storm! They will rock new hits off of their current album as well as old favorites from previous records. Local tip: want cheaper seating? Look for the “lawn seats” option when purchasing tickets.
  • Braid Paisley. Have you been keeping up with the new hit TV show “Rising Star??” Brad Paisley has been judging contestants this season but now it is time for him to take the stage! On Friday, August 15th, this country music powerhouse will be crooning crowd favorites at the Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheatre. Get your tickets early; this show will surely be packed!
  •   Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Come out on September 21st to see your favorite 80’s band play all of the best hits! They just don’t make music the same as they used to, right? The concert will be held at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.
  • Baby Anne. Love dance and electronica music? Baby Anne will be spinning all of your favorites on August 30th at the Amphitheatre club in Ybor City. Tickets start at $10 per person.

Don’t forget to make your free online parking reservation with A1 Express the next time you fly out of Tampa International Airport. Tampa Airport parking has never been easier! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

What to do in Tampa Bay in July

Going to be flying into Tampa International Airport sometime in July? Live in the Tampa Bay area and wondering what to do during the rest of the month? You have come to the right place! A1 Express has compiled a list of events and activities going on around the Tampa Bay area during the month of July. Check out these ways to beat summer boredom:

·         Metrocon. Love anime, cosplay, and Japanese culture? Check out Metrocon, Florida’s largest anime convention. The event is July 11-13 at the Tampa Convention Center and entrance fees range from $10-$100. Come as you are, or dress up as your favorite pop culture character. See an anime themed human chess match, dance the night away at a rave dance, and dress up and attend the formal Fantasy Masquerade.

·         Bush Gardens Summer Nights. Enjoy the “summer nights” at Bush Gardens, which is open till 9pm through August. The theme park is filled with DJ’s and dancers to entertain guests while they ride roller coasters and thrill rides in the dark! Local tip: Stay till the end and catch the nightly Fireworks show. If you purchase a ‘Fun Card” you can pay for one day and come back all year.

·         Vans Warped Tour 2014. Rock music more your thing? Check out more than 25 bands as they play all day on July 25th at the Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg. Doors open at 11am but the event runs until 9pm. Tickets are $48 when purchased on Ticketmaster.

·         Fashion and Art Gala Fundraiser for Flood Relief. Come out to Cheap Lounge in South Tampa on July 27th at 4:00 PM for this fashion-forward fundraiser to raise money to help flood victims in Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia. The event has a suggested donation of $20 and attendees have access to a fashion show, silent auction, complimentary drink, and discounted menu.

Don’t forget to leave your car in the care of A1 Express next time you fly out of Tampa International Airport!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shuttle Service at Tampa International Airport

You just landed at Tampa International Airport after a long, turbulent flight and can't wait to get to your car to finally get home. Oftentimes, waiting for a parking shuttle to come and then squeezing all of your belongings inside can be one of the most frustrating aspects of your TPA airport parking experience. Here are a few ways that A1 Express strives to make your shuttle experience as stress-free as possible:

·         Shuttle buses are on call. Unlike other parking facilities in the area where you must wait for a shuttle to come every 15 min, A1 shuttles are on call to pick you up the second you’re ready to leave Tampa International Airport. To make things easier on you, our friendly staff will help you load your luggage onto the bus and into your car.

·         Shorter distance to the airport. A shorter distance means a shorter ride, which means you will be in and out of the shuttle in a breeze!

·         No hidden Fuel Surcharge Fees. You're already paying to park, why on earth should you pay for your shuttle ride as well? Other parking facilities serving the Tampa International Airport advertise a “free shuttle” service and then stick you with a hidden “fuel surcharge fee." Avoid these and other hidden surcharges when leave your car at A1 Express.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cheap Places to Fly to from Tampa

We get it! Life is busy and hectic and sometimes you just can’t get away for the extravagant vacation of your dreams. Just because you can’t afford to jet off to Tahiti doesn’t mean that there aren’t some splendid locations close to Tampa Bay! Check out these destinations that are affordable and easy to fly to from Tampa International Airport:

  • Puerto Rico (2 ½ hour flight from TPA). It is no surprise that Puerto Rico is one of the most affordable places for Tampa travelers to go with flights roughly around $180 round trip! Fly on JetBlue and you will receive complementary television and movies during the flight. When you arrive at San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, be sure to explore the candy-colored shops and watch the sun set over the Caribbean from local Spanish forts.
  • Atlanta, Georgia. (1 hour 20 min flight from TPA). Yes, Atlanta is “only” a nine hour drive from Tampa, but why drive eighteen hours round trip when you can leave your car at A1 express and hop on a plane for $138 round trip? If you are craving city life, check out midtown and downtown Atlanta. Olympic Park is always fun to explore and you can even visit where they filmed the popular TV Series “The Walking Dead!”
  • Bermuda. (3 hour flight from TPA). Bermuda is a beautiful little island nation off the coast of the eastern United States. Coming in at around $500 round trip, the island is a bit more expensive to fly to, but it is totally worth it! After sampling Bermuda’s famous pink beaches, push your fear factor to its limit with a round of fly boarding, which has you flying over the ocean using a water-powered jetpack! You superhero you!

Once you figure out where you should fly to from Tampa International Airport, make your free online reservation with A1 Express to ensure you get the cheapest TPA airport parking!