Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cheap Places to Fly to from Tampa

We get it! Life is busy and hectic and sometimes you just can’t get away for the extravagant vacation of your dreams. Just because you can’t afford to jet off to Tahiti doesn’t mean that there aren’t some splendid locations close to Tampa Bay! Check out these destinations that are affordable and easy to fly to from Tampa International Airport:

  • Puerto Rico (2 ½ hour flight from TPA). It is no surprise that Puerto Rico is one of the most affordable places for Tampa travelers to go with flights roughly around $180 round trip! Fly on JetBlue and you will receive complementary television and movies during the flight. When you arrive at San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, be sure to explore the candy-colored shops and watch the sun set over the Caribbean from local Spanish forts.
  • Atlanta, Georgia. (1 hour 20 min flight from TPA). Yes, Atlanta is “only” a nine hour drive from Tampa, but why drive eighteen hours round trip when you can leave your car at A1 express and hop on a plane for $138 round trip? If you are craving city life, check out midtown and downtown Atlanta. Olympic Park is always fun to explore and you can even visit where they filmed the popular TV Series “The Walking Dead!”
  • Bermuda. (3 hour flight from TPA). Bermuda is a beautiful little island nation off the coast of the eastern United States. Coming in at around $500 round trip, the island is a bit more expensive to fly to, but it is totally worth it! After sampling Bermuda’s famous pink beaches, push your fear factor to its limit with a round of fly boarding, which has you flying over the ocean using a water-powered jetpack! You superhero you!

Once you figure out where you should fly to from Tampa International Airport, make your free online reservation with A1 Express to ensure you get the cheapest TPA airport parking!