Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Tampa

 Sometimes, being a vegetarian or vegan can be tough because there are hardly any options for you to choose from when dining out. This is not the case in Tampa! The Bay Area offers plenty of vegan and vegetarian options for those of you who choose a plant-based diet. Vegan friendly food doesn’t have to be hard to locate! Read on to see some of our favorite vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Tampa:

Loving Hut Tampa

Vegans rejoice! Loving Hut serves all vegan food, including dessert! Although the restaurant serves primarily Asian inspired dishes, they also sell fan favorites such as “Ocean Pasta” and vegan club sandwiches. Finish off lunch or dinner with a delicious dessert and stop by their small grocery section to pick up food for later on your way out.

Jai Ho

Although not technically vegan/vegetarian, Jai Ho features a huge veggie friendly menu! The restaurant features Indian fine dining on a budget. The inside is beautiful and the prices are surprisingly moderate. If you aren’t feeling too adventurous, try the Navaratn Korma, which is basically veggies and rice cooked in Indian sauces. Want to step outside of the box? Order the Kofta Naramdil and feast on soft cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with dry fruits and cooked in mild herbs and spices.

Bamboozle Café

Who doesn’t love some good Chinese comfort food? Like Jai Ho, Bamboozle isn’t specifically vegetarian, but offers many delightful options for veggie clients. A huge bowl of Pho noodle soup with tofu and veggies rings in at only $8.95! The good thing about Bamboozle is that pretty much any meat menu item can be made vegan friendly with just a simple tofu substitute.

Taco Bus

This wouldn’t be a complete list of Tampa veggie friendly restaurants without at least a mention of Taco Bus! With multiple locations around the Tampa area, Taco Bus offers tons of yummy options for the vegan diner. Veggie burritos are moderately priced and can include vegan steak strips, tempeh, or simple rice and beans. For a small fee, Daiya vegan cheese can be added to orders as well. Vegan quesadillas anyone?

Café Hey

Café Hey is local owned and is a staple for vegan brunch in the Tampa Bay area. Their ABBA sandwich is made with almond butter, apricot jam, banana, and fresh cinnamon. Many of their soups are different every day so it pays to visit often! While you are using Café Hey’s free wifi, munch on a delicious chocolate muffin.

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